First Aid Kit: Item that Should Always be Handy at Home

It’s essential to have a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand in minor accidents or emergencies. It’s a good idea to keep a first-aid kit at home and on the go! Keep your kits at a location that is both accessible and out of the reach of little children. Make sure that youngsters who are old enough to comprehend the purpose of the kits are aware of their location.

Every home should keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand just in case. You’ll be able to respond quickly to an emergency if you have the necessary supplies on hand. In your home and your car, keep a first-aid kit on hand. Make sure to pack a first-aid kit for your family excursions.

Make your first aid kit or purchase one from a pharmacy or the local Red Cross office. If you decide to create one, use containers that are large, durable, light, and easy to carry. For storing art supplies, plastic tackle boxes or containers are good because they are lightweight, have handles, and provide many room and compartments.

The contents of first-aid kits have evolved, but their utility has not changed. Until professional aid arrives, regular folks can step in and help out. Providing first aid does not necessitate a specific qualification, but it does necessitate the proper materials and training.

Maintaining a well-stocked kit means replenishing items that have been depleted and replacing items that have become obsolete.

According to its intended use and the number of people, it is supposed to protect, a first aid kit’s contents may vary. A first-aid kit should comprise the following items:


  • Bulb syringe
  • Scissors
  • Thermometer (oral)
  • Tweezers


  • Adhesive tape
  • Butterfly bandages
  • Elastic bandages
  • Hypoallergenic tape
  • Sling (triangular-shaped cloth)
  • Sterile cotton balls
  • Sterile eye patches
  • Sterile gauze pads (4″ x 4″)
  • Stretchable gauze roll
  • Waterproof tape


  • Acetaminophen
  • Antacid
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Antidiarrheal medicine
  • Antihistamine
  • Aspirin
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Calamine lotion
  • Decongestant
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Ibuprofen
  • Sugar or glucose solution

Miscellaneous items

  • Alcohol is a depressant (rubbing 70 percent )
  • Aspirin-free wipes
  • Blanket
  • Candles
  • Ice bags or chemical ice packs are two options.
  • Hot water bottles or chemical hot packs
  • Swabs of cotton
  • Gloves that are thrown away after use (non-Latex if you or a loved one has a Latex allergy)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation mask for the face (CPR)
  • Book of first aid
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Repellent for insects
  • Swabs for stinging insects
  • Matches
  • In the kitchen, measuring spoons are commonly used.
  • Pencil and paper
  • a set of disposable cups
  • Soap
  • pins and needles
  • Sunscreen
  • Tissues
  • blades tongue

The following items are also helpful to have in your car:

  • A large blanket
  • Gallon-size bottle of water
  • Flashlight and extra batteries

Carry additional medical supplies if your child or other family member has particular medical needs when you go on a trip or activity.

A medicine kit for persons allergic to bug stings or specific foods.

Medicines prescribed by a physician, syringes, and other medical supplies (which should be stored correctly and not expired).

First aid is essential.

First Aid training is essential for both you and your community. For emergencies, it allows you to aid people who have been hurt until assistance arrives. The more qualified First Aid persons there are in a community, the more secure that community is.

Why is first aid so crucial?

Having a First Aid certification benefits not only you but also your family, friends, coworkers, and the entire community. There are times when accidents and emergency circumstances can be avoided, even though they are challenging to discuss.

Being a bystander who does nothing to aid in the event of an accident at work, at home, or in public may make the situation even more dangerous.

Regardless of age or educational background, everyone should have at least a basic awareness of First Aid. The most basic definition of First Aid is the care provided to someone who has been injured or is ill. First aid knowledge consists of simple techniques and procedures conducted with limited equipment and is usually performed until professional medical assistance comes.

First-aid training has the following significant advantages.

A wounded or ailing individual can be helped by persons who have been trained in possibly life-saving techniques.

A person trained and competent in even the most fundamental aspects of First Aid can play a crucial part in saving the life of someone who has consumed a poisonous chemical, suffered a seizure, a heart attack, a stroke, or been involved in a car accident, or been caught in a natural catastrophe. Community members gain when more community members have First Aid training and knowledge.

Knowledge of basic first aid can help anyone, regardless of whether or not the emergency concerns them or others with whom they share their lives and places of work and residence directly. First aid can and does minimize the severity of an emergency at a particular time and location.

In addition to the general public, those who work with or live with those who require ongoing special attention or treatment, such as children or those with physical or mental disabilities, chronic illnesses or disorders such as epilepsy, the elderly, or those who engage in risky activities such as swimming or those who work in hazardous environments, benefit most from learning about and practicing First Aid.

It is a lifesaver.

Having a person who has undergone training will make them more dependable, self-assured, and in command in the event of an emergency. In an emergency, those who have received training are more likely to respond quickly.

It enables the rescuer to console the victim.

Having someone skilled in first aid might be quite beneficial for an instant effect. Keeping a high level of efficiency and dealing with the situation helps the patient feel more comfortable while their injuries are handled and stabilized until emergency services come.

If a patient doesn’t receive basic first aid care right away, their condition can quickly deteriorate. You can keep a patient stable until help arrives if you know how to give basic care. A first-aid pack may not be readily available to you in many situations. And occasionally, you’ll pick up some handy new skills by repurposing common household items as workable tools.

During your education, you’ll learn how to gather facts and figures on what transpired and the health of the patients. The emergency services will save time by having this information, and you will be a crucial link in the chain of survival.

It promotes a life of wellness and security.

A person who has been educated is better equipped to see the big picture. Having a basic understanding of first aid helps people feel more secure and confident. Awareness and desire to avoid accidents keep you safe, reducing the incidence of deaths or accidents.

When in Mindanao, Plan a Visit to these Awesome Places in Pagadian City

Pagadian City is Zamboanga Del Sur’s capital. As a result of the town’s hilly geography and its high visitor traffic, it has earned the nickname “Little Hong Kong of the South.” However, this is not due to the skyscrapers or the bright lights. In reality, the city is still in the early stages of development. There are many similarities between this area and Hong Kong, including steep hills and bays.

The variety of foods and entertainment, including a colorful dancing fountain and many fresh fruits and snacks available at street vendors, ensures visitors get the ultimate experience.

There are enough natural treasures for adventurers, and people who enjoy discovering locations that have not yet been spoiled by commercialism and tourism find Pagadian so enticing. Open your eyes and mind to this city’s wonders, and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

Pagadian is also home to serene rivers, unexplored caves, high mountains cloaked in dense jungle, and stunning waterfalls, to name a few. To test your stamina, go on the falls of Manga, Pulacan, Lourdes, Lison Valley, and Ditoray. It takes less than 30 minutes from San Pedro port to reach White Beach by boat from the mainland if you’re interested in exploring the Kendis and Manga Cave. With that, let us discover more!

Pulacan Falls

Falls have a distinct charm that is both basic and beautiful at the same time. To get to the waterfall’s exact site, you’ll need to go through a wooded area lined with thick trees. Just 30 to 35 feet high, it’s a breathtaking sight that draws visitors worldwide. The sound of cascading water, the smell of pine trees, and the presence of crystal-clear white water lapping against towering cliffs are all included in this short hike.

The Falls can be situated around 12 kilometers outside Pagadian City in Labangan. It acts as a 400-square-meter reservoir for Labangan’s irrigation system. Transportation by motorized vehicle is simple and quick. Tourists have been camping and picnicking at the Falls since the inauguration of the PADAP Road.

Manga falls

Located just off the highway in Labangan, the picturesque Manga Falls is a must-see for nature lovers. The 7-kilometer hike to this two-tiered waterfall cascade is ideal for a day trip this summer.

Beautiful rock formations, gigantic trees, a rich green forest, and the home of white monkeys may be seen in the surrounding area near Manga falls.

Dao Dao Island

This is one of the most popular sites in the area and is only a short distance from the city center. To travel to this island, you’ll need to board a motorized boat at the nearest port. Dao-Dao is the name of two islands. Dao-Dao Dako (literally, “huge” as the word Dako meant) is the larger of the two, while Dao-Dao Gamay is the smaller (which means small). At the former, there is a resort with cottages. You can even walk to the smaller island from the main island when the water is low enough. However, keep in mind that you will still be at least partially submerged in water, so proceed with caution. Swim, fish, boat, or enjoy the beauty of Pagadian from either location.

The Rotunda Park

From the highest point of Bulatoc Hill, you should be able to get some of the best views of F.S. Pajares Avenue, which is the primary route that leads down toward Illana Bay. Another one of the activities that you can participate in is horseback riding, which costs very little and allows you to explore the park in style.

Sand Bar

The Puting Balas Sandbar is a sandbar that can only be seen during the low tide season from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon. This sandbar is only visible during these specific hours. Looking for a spot to go on a vacation that will let you escape the hustle and bustle of the city while also allowing you to work on your tan? This is the place you should go. Because of the Putting Balas Sandbar, a thin strip of white sand that can be found in the middle of the ocean. Pagadian City, with more promotions, can indeed be the vacation spot for people around the world!

Kendis Cave

About 14 kilometers from the Pagadian city center and 5 kilometers from the barrio of Ditoray, Kendis Cave is located.

Greenhouse Fishing Station and Restaurant

It would be best to visit the Greenhouse Fishing Station and Restaurant when you visit Pagadian City. Pagadian seafood is served in the restaurant, situated in the middle of an enormous fish pond.

Agri Tourism and Heritage Complex

Tourists flock to the Agritourism and Heritage Complex in December. Tours of Zamboanga’s farms, homestays, and locally sourced food are part of the program. Zamboanga del Sur’s villages converge to show off their unique offerings at this time of year.

Lumina Pagadian

Real estate is a great investment for various reasons, including the ability to create passive income with a high rate of return. People who talk about investing in the Philippines’ real estate market tend to focus on Luzon and Metro Manila. While this is true, there are many more possibilities across the country that could provide you with the same (or even more excellent) quality and returns that you’d get from a local business. Take Zamboanga del Sur’s Pagadian City as an example such as Lumina Pagadian.

Its strategic location

Pagadian City, in Mindanao’s Zamboanga del Sur province, may be found on the province’s northeastern tip. It covers an area of 33,380 hectares, or 8.46% of the province’s total land area. Pagadian has been designated the regional administrative center for Western Mindanao due to its strategic position.

Slopes and mountains cover an estimated 15,090 ha in the northwestern part of the region, characterized by a sharply inclining terrain. Near Pagadian Bay, it rises to roughly 100 MSL (mean sea level). As a city with a high elevation, Pagadian isn’t prone to floods as frequently as other cities in the Philippines.

The city has a significant cultural and historical legacy.

Living in Pagadian City means you get to experience modernity and technology while also maintaining your connection to the city’s rich cultural heritage. Subanons (or Subanens) and Muslims are the two dominant groups in Zamboanga del Sur, which many consider a melting pot.

In the present day, the traditions and festivities of various ethnic communities can still be seen. The Buklog is the most important celebration for the Subanens, a rite they perform after a happy occasion, such as a successful harvest. During a Buklog, the dancers’ movements lower a movable platform, accompanied by a chorus of yells from the crowd. They also execute traditional dances like the Mangalay and the Sothalek at fiestas.

Kappa Malong Malong is an example of a dance performed by Muslims. Malong (a tubular garment) is shown in various ways in this folk dance. Their Maranao heritage is also known for their Singkil, which is based on their version of the ancient Hindu Indian epic Ramayana, which is a pre-Islamic Maranao interpretation. If your feet get caught in thorns, vines, or anything else that gets in your way, you’re doing this Filipino dance.

More Nearby Tourist Attractions

As a resident of Pagadian City, you are only a short distance away from various natural treasures and relaxing spots. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an action-packed getaway, Pagadian has something for everyone. Pagadian City’s must-see attractions include the following.

Most of the land and marine formations in Pagadian City have become tourist attractions due to their uniqueness. So what are you waiting for? Plan a visit to Mindanao, and take Pagadian City as the first place to see!

Hidden Gems and Top Things to do in Tagum City

Tagum City is the Most Child-Friendly City in the Philippines. So, When in Mindanao compiled a list of some of the best things to do in and around Tagum City! We believe that if you plan to visit this city, it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

Have you ever been to a new location and felt awed by the experience? Tagum City is where it happens for a lot of tourists!

Don’t allow the fact that Tagum City isn’t as well-known in the Philippines to deceive you. Despite its diminutive size, Tagum City is an enticing tourism destination in the Philippines. You’ll be surprised at the variety of activities and attractions available at this hidden gem.

1. San Agustin Botanical Park

Spend some quality time in nature while only a short drive from the city. The San Agustin Botanical Park is an excellent location for spending quality time with your family.

You can bring a picnic blanket and basket to the Botanical Park, where you can relax, read a book, do some meditation, and even stroll the park’s enormous collection of plant and tree species.

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of plant species, this is the right place to level up your plantita or plantito peg!

2. Banana Beach

Take a refreshing plunge in the water; travelers may easily spend the entire day here due to the wide variety of water activities and tours available. You can enjoy jet skiing or banana boating, kayaking, skimboarding, and paddleboarding, to name a few of these activities.

You can spend your time lounging on Banana Beach or swimming in its crystal clear water.

3. World’s Largest Rosary

The Philippines is commonly regarded as one of the world’s most religious countries, owing to the enormous number of churches and shrines that dot the country’s landscape. When you come to our country, you will immediately notice this. On the other hand, seeing a big rosary is a very different experience. On Dr. Juan Gonzales Avenue, in the heart of Tagum City’s historic center, you can see the World’s Largest Rosary, the largest!

It’s located within the largest basilica in the entire Mindanao, whose architectural design is similarly impressive: it contains aspects of both modern and traditional design, and it’s also designed in the shape of a fortress.

4. Take a Bike Ride in the Energy Park of Tagum

Energy Park, also known as E-Park, is the perfect place for individuals who prefer to stay calm in the morning, wake up to the dawn, or appreciate the cool air that comes with it. E-Park, available from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., is great for people who want to relax, sit on the grass, or hang out and communicate with friends.

In addition, it’s a beautiful area to go for an early morning stroll or bike ride because the entire park is calm and genuinely soothing.

5. Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a must-see when you are in Tagum City, where you can sample a wide variety of street food and shop for bargains at night. It is a lively spot where you may get a truly local experience.

6. Night Market

Tagum Night Market is a great place to learn about the local culture. During Tagum’s Night Market, the vintage market offers excellent bargains on various goods. You can also eat something at the affordable local food kiosks and the grilling station, where you can also grill up your favorite meat meals. There is a festival-like atmosphere even among locals and tourists.

7. Alina and Okbot Cave

When in Mindanao recommends this place as the most appreciated natural wonders in Tagum. Anyone who enjoys working out and is looking for a new challenge might consider taking on this one.

Alina and Okbot Cave are grueling physical challenges for even the fittest of individuals. Expect a lot of grueling crawling and stumbling around. You can expect to get wet a lot because water is everywhere. Once you entered the cavern, the rewards waiting for you were well worth the effort.

8. Tagum City River Cruise

The mangrove forest protection area in this portion of Tagum is truly spectacular, as was noticed while traveling through its beautiful landscape. A local guide can share tales of the mangroves as you stroll around and enjoy the cool breeze.

9. Tagum City Festivals

Any city milestone or abundant harvest is celebrated in Tagum City. Several festivals, such as the Ugmad and Araw ng Tagum festivals, the Kaimunan and Pakaradyan festivals, the Paskuhan sa Tagum festival, the Mutya ng Tagum festival, and the Hugpong Serbisyo para sa Tagumenyos festival, make this clear.

The Musikahan Festival may even be a reason for some visitors to make the trip. This festival frequently invites local and international musicians to perform and display their talents. In addition, the city hosts the Binuhat Festival, also known as the Pride Festival, once a year to promote diversity further. This event is renowned for highlighting the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community and advocating for equal rights.

10. Welcome to Lumina Tagum

Tagum City, the capital of the province of Davao del Norte, in the northern section of Southern Mindanao, is an excellent location. Furthermore, the city has hosted numerous national and international events, making it the next must-see destination in Southern Mindanao.

Colorful festivals, thrilling multi-cultural events, and man-made tourist sites are all available in the City of Tagum. There is a goal to make it the second-most popular tourist destination in the north of the Philippines, after Davao.

Along the Maharlika Highway, one of the city’s main entry and exit routes, several well-developed palm trees are located. A long-term environmental endeavor led to Tagum being dubbed “Palm City Capital” for its abundance of palm trees.

“The City of Festivals” stands up to its moniker in Tagum, which hosts 15 festivals each year. Events in Tagumean culture, sports, entertainment, arts, and music are featured in this collection.

Earth Day and Ocean and Environment Months are just two examples of the City of Tagum’s reaction to the need to protect the environment. Tagum’s Grotto and a River cruise on the Nabintad River, home to century-old tall mangrove trees, are other popular tourist sites in Tagum City. Christ the King Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Mindanao. Lumina Tagum made Tagum a viable and inexpensive place to live. Residents of the Lumina Tagum neighborhood can be found along the provincial route to New Corella from the Purok Maharlika subdivision in the city of Tagum. Davao del Norte’s Six World Adventures, the city’s largest inland resort, is located close by Lumina Tagum. Buying household goods has never been easier, thanks to the AllHome branch that Lumina Tagum has established in the subdivision’s commercial area.

Additionally, the city government has some development projects in the works for Tagum, including the Diversion Road in Brgy. Cuambogan and a flyover are currently in progress. Asuncion to Bukidnon travel time will be reduced to 2.5 hours through private automobiles because of this new express road.

Why we like Beaches and Safety Tips for your Summer Vacation

“The overwhelming majority of people have discovered that the color blue is associated with feelings of tranquility and peace.”

-Dr. Richard Shuster

What’s the benefit of going back to the beach so often?

There has to be a good reason, and we want to make it the best excuse to get some Vitamin Sea!

Beaches appeal to us all because of deep psychological reasons. Because of their soothing color palette, beaches are also visually appealing. Because of the heat and sand, beaches tend to have warm, inviting color schemes, like a light yellow combined with beige and orange tones. Examples are the ocean’s delicate blue-green color and the clean sky’s light blue tint.

According to an overwhelming majority of individuals, peace and tranquility are closely connected with the color blue. When we gaze at the ocean, our brain waves frequency changes, putting us into a mild state of meditation.

Beaches also have a way of calming the mind and body. Focusing on your breathing and the rhythmic rise and fall of the waves is one of nature’s most soothing sounds.

Our favorite thing about beaches is that we may enjoy ourselves in whatever way suits us, from lounging on a lounge chair to becoming immersed in water and perspiration. Because of the contagious, uplifting energy that permeates beaches, it’s easy to see why people enjoy visiting them so much.

Reasons to go to the beach today include the following:

1. Organize your thoughts.

It’s easy to feel at peace at the beach because of the soft noises and beautiful scenery. Nature’s sights, smells, and sounds might help you forget about the world’s worries around you.

2. Abstaining from technology.

All of us are always connected to some electronic equipment. According to research, computers and cell phones don’t mix well in water or sand. Taking a vacation from electronics at the beach is a terrific way to declutter one’s mind.

3. Indulging in the companionship of others.

As expected, spending time with close friends and family is always a pleasure. It’s easy to reconnect with old friends at the beach, where you can share memories and laugh hysterically. Bring some food and beverages for the event!

4. Vitamin D is essential.

Our bodies cannot function properly if they are not exposed to sunlight. Bone and tooth health is dependent on adequate levels of vitamin D. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreens to avoid sunburn!

5. Salty water to soothe the soul.

Joint pain is relieved by the minerals and salts found in ocean water. Even minor wounds and scratches can benefit from their healing properties. Isn’t it incredible?

Scene Zone Squad Summer Vacation tips

Everything is better than going to the beach when it’s hot outside. It’s a summer activity that always brings a lot of fun, regardless of how many times you visit the beaches.

Trips to the beach are always a good time. A tent on the beach or a dip in the crystal-clear ocean are great ways to cool yourself in the summer.

During the summer, a lot of people get the itch to go on vacation. However, it might be tough to tell which place best suits your holiday goals with so many places with better weather and longer days. We want to provide you with some safety advice beforehand so that you may enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Tips for staying safe at the beach

Keep a companion nearby at all times and learn how to swim.

The most important safety rule is to be able to swim at least a little bit. If you’re more used to swimming in a pool, you should be mindful of the variations bigger bodies of water make swimming more challenging because conditions can change quickly at sea. There are several threats to be cautious of, such as :

  • tidal currents and subsurface currents
  • near drop-offs, rocks, garbage, and other dangers and barriers can suddenly modify the water depths
  • yachts, ships, and other watercraft that may be present in the water can sting or bite local marine creatures
  • unfavorable weather, such as thunderstorms or lightning
  • warnings of impending tsunamis

Swimmers who have difficulty maintaining their heads above the water’s surface should use a life vest and only go in as deep as their waists. You can tell whether a person has fallen into the water if they show signs of drowning. People come and disappear from the water’s surface frequently, but they don’t have time to breathe or shout out fully.

Inexperienced swimmers should always have someone to keep an eye on them, no matter how well-versed they are in the water. Studies show that the majority of drownings occur when an alone swimmer is involved, so it’s critical to stick to the buddy system.

Become familiar with beach flag meanings.

You can ask lifeguards or beach patrols to understand the different warning flag colors if you are unsure. Although your local beach may be different, the flags you see at the beach generally represent similarities that can be seen in safety regulations.

  • Double red flag: No one is allowed to swim in the water because it is closed to the public.
  • Red flag: Waves and currents offer a high level of risk.
  • Yellow flag: waves and currents that pose a slightly greater threat
  • Purple flag: sea creatures like jellyfish, stingrays, and other predatory species
  • Green flag: situations of little danger and tranquility
  • Black and white checkered flag: installed along the beach, generally in pairs, to help define distinct areas where swimmers and surfers should not enter the sea together.

Avoid alcoholic beverages at all costs.

Beachgoers who drink are putting themselves and others in danger. Drinking alcohol is not permitted on some beaches because of its danger to swimmers. If you can, avoid drinking alcohol because it will dehydrate you in high temperatures. It’s also possible to have poor judgment while driving a boat or swimming if you’re under alcohol and its effects. Coconut water is the best way to remain hydrated on the beach.

Rip current warning signs and symptoms to be aware of.

In the ocean, rip currents are the name given to powerful surface currents that pull water away from the beach. Anyone trying to swim against rip tides will fail. Waves won’t break, the beach is covered in foam, or seaweed or discolored water is being dragged away from the shore.

Rip currents are potentially hazardous. You need to keep your head up and swim parallel to the beach rather than heading straight towards the shore.

When taking children to the beach, always be on guard.

You may also consider bringing your children along on a beach trip because Vitamin Sea is good for our emotional well-being and physical. Just remember to keep an eye out for small children at all times. You shouldn’t entrust your child’s safety to a lifeguard tasked with overseeing the entirety of the beach at any given time.

The beach and the sea are also popular activities for youngsters under three. Older youngsters should be able to swim for their safety. Make sure they know their boundaries by allowing them to work in groups or be supervised by an adult.

When in Mindanao, Know What and Where to Eat in Butuan City

Butuanon offers a wide variety of native foods and delicious flavors. There’s nothing quite like the experience of eating the original dish in the nation where it was created. We’ve compiled a list of must-eats in Butuan to assist you in navigating the city’s traditional food and restaurants. And if you’re a food enthusiast, we’ve compiled a list of the most incredible places to eat like a local.

Delicacies from the Butuanon People

Filipinos are known for their voracious appetites, eating delicious food a day and snacks in between; some of the Kakanin or native sweets available in marketplaces are reserved exclusively for special occasions.

When in Mindanao, try these native Butuanon treats, known as Kakanin.

1. Nilusak/ Nilupak

In Butuanon, nilupak consists of cassava or balanghoy. Grated coconut and margarine are added to the mashed cassava, then shaped into little balls. Grated coconut was placed on top of the cassava balls. The Nilusak is creamy and smooth, with a sweet and savory flavor.

2. Nilambiran

A dark reddish-brown hue like chocolate and white glutinous rice is used to make Nilambiran, a Suman-like dessert. Two kinds of rice flour are then cooked separately and wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed together. Native hot chocolate is the most delicate accompaniment for this dish.

3. Pao

Root vegetable known as Pao, which is comparable to Kamote or yam, is served with latik or coconut jam.

4. Tumpi

Sago is used to making this dark, flat cake, which resembles Calamay.

5. Palagising

“Palagsing” is a traditional delicacy in Banza, one of Butuan City’s oldest neighborhoods. The abundance of Lumbiya in Banza is a significant factor in the popularity of Palagsing in Banza.

The palm tree produces Lumbiya starch. Young coconut meat is also a common element. It is the combination of Unaw, young coconut, and brown sugar that lends Palagsing its moistness and chewiness. Palagsing’s silky texture is achieved by gently boiling the ingredients in banana leaves for a full 30 minutes.

Kakanin is offered at the rear entrance of the local market, where most of these delights can be purchased. Go early on Sunday mornings when the Kakanins have just been created to get the freshest and most varied selection. However, some of the best Kakanin is prepared by older Butuanons who have honed their techniques. Butuanon dishes, while comparable to those from other parts of the Philippines, have a unique touch that has become ingrained in the history and culture of Butuan.

Food Stop at Butuan City

Joaquin’s Gemelli Pizza Bar

You can dine on authentic brick-oven pizzas and traditional pasta dishes prepared by Joaquin’s Gemelli Pizza Bar. In addition to a wide variety of Italian delicacies and a welcoming atmosphere, these establishments offer many photo opportunities and an exciting sense of well-being.

Gold ‘n Pearl Bakery Cafe

They quickly transformed from a small Pinoy bakery into the town’s most popular coffee shop. They’ve been known for their offerings more than bread, such as exquisite pastries and specialty coffees. Gold ‘n Pearl Bakery Cafe has amazingly transformed the bakery business in the city.

Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora

Butuan City’s most popular dining spot, the native cuisine Lutong Bahay Ni Aling Cora, is known for its home-cooked Filipino fare. Mrs. Corazon Uy Yu was its owner and manager.

Aling Cora was founded in the 1980s. They offer a wide variety of cuisines, including real Filipino dishes. The menu at this family-owned restaurant has been modified frequently over the years, and it always keeps its menu up to date with the latest trends.

Narra Restaurant

When it comes to the Butuan family eating, no one beats Narra Restaurant. Many Butuanons must have tried their garlic chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Pansit Bihon at this long-standing eatery in the city. There are two locations of this restaurant in the city. Located in the center of Butuan, this restaurant is a must-stop on any trip.

The Caraga’s regional capital City of Butuan, is also known as “The Balangays’ Home.” You can enjoy the finest of both worlds here. Its natural and artificial tourism attractions are becoming a progressive region while successfully sustaining its culture, traditions, and history. To help the city grow, Lumina sees an opportunity in delivering high-quality and affordable rowhouses, townhouses, and single-firewall units.

10-hectare property development Lumina Butuan has amenities and facilities such as a basketball court, community hall, mini-gardens, and security and perimeter fencing.

The Aimee Rowhouse and the Anna Rowhouse are just two affordable rowhouse models sold out from Lumina Butuan right now. Their Angeli Townhouse home selling model unit also provides low-cost townhouses. They also have a two-story Angeli Duplex that contains three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen area, a parking space, and a service area for those who require more space. Angeli Single Firewall is for sale to families with larger than average sizes.

Lumina Butuan’s rent-to-own homes come with various community amenities, including a covered court and a multipurpose hall. This is a multipurpose amenity that may be used by the whole family or by the local Kabarangays to enjoy their favorite sports. It’s a perfect place to host family reunions, birthday parties, and other special occasions. There’s no need to worry about bad weather when hosting an event here.

This isn’t the only amenity you’ll find in Lumina Butuan; there’s also a playground for your children to play in. To ensure your protection at all times, the Lumina Butuan community has a secured entry and a surrounding fence. In the evenings, residents can sleep soundly, secure knowing that no one from the outside world can readily intrude on their quiet neighborhood.

How Do I Get to Lumina Butuan via Public Transportation?

Ride a Route 8 Multicab to Los Angeles from Guingona Park. To get to the Lumina site, cross Magsaysay Bridge (beside Pepsi Plant)

If you’re taking a bus, depart from Langihan Terminal and get off at the Lumina Site stop in Surigao City (beside Pepsi Plant).

The Lumina Butuan is located in the city of Butuan.

Simply follow JC Aquino’s, Stop at Lumina Site after crossing Magsaysay Bridge (beside Pepsi Plant)

When in Mindanao Highly Recommend These Top TV Shows for March 2022

Psychiatrists claim that binge-watching releases dopamine in the brain, which helps people relax and de-stress. Following a series can give viewers a sense of control and power, which can be beneficial if they lack it in their daily lives.

According to clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph.D., stress is a part of everyday life. It’s challenging to tune out the stress and pressures. A binge can act as a steel door, preventing our brains from thinking about constant stressors.

Some Benefits of Watching TV series

· Reducing Anxiety

Stress has become a common problem for nearly everyone in today’s society. According to a study from the University of California, cortisol, which is a stress hormone, can be reduced by watching television.

Because stress can cause weight gain, depression, and increased cholesterol, it’s important to keep stress levels low.

· Preserving your financial resources

An important consideration is that watching television can provide you with a low-cost source of amusement. For various reasons, watching a TV show is more cost-effective than going to the movies.

· Fighting Temptations

When it comes to developing better self-control, television can be an invaluable resource. According to a study, the ability to resist temptations may be strengthened if you watch TV regularly. You’ll be able to better manage your impulses if you do this. Additionally, you may experience a great deal of ease due to this routine.

· Acquiring Fluency in More Than One Language

Watching a TV series in a foreign language is an excellent way to learn the language. The process of learning English is the same for people from all over the world. In addition, passively learning a language by reading subtitles is effective.

· Achieving Better Mental Health

There are numerous health advantages to watching television. Watching comedies, for example, can occupy a significant portion of your leisure time, and we all know how beneficial laughter is to our health.

Nowadays, binge-watching can be combined with exercise. Adding a favorite show to an exercise routine can help pass the time, motivate, and increase compliance. So, whatever you are doing and want to be entertained, here are the top TV Shows that top charted last March:

1. Vikings: Valhalla

Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardrada, and the Norman King William the Conqueror are among the most famous Vikings. Their legendary adventures are chronicled in Vikings: Valhalla. These brave men and women are blazing a trail as they fight for their very lives in an ever-evolving world.

2. He’s into Her

He’s Into Her has made a name for itself in entertainment, whether it’s on Wattpad or in the movies. HIH fans had high hopes when the series’ adaptation was announced, but by the time the show premiered in the middle of last year, many believed it was a worthy adaptation. If you’re a fan of local television, you’ll be happy to hear that the show has been picked up for another run! Season two of He’s Into Her will air sometime this year, at long last. Quite a bit of the information is still under wraps; from what we’ve seen, this season appears to be an exciting one.

3. Outlander

See how a married combat nurse from 1945 ends up in 1743, where she finds herself thrust into a dangerous new world with no memory of how she got there. After being forced to marry a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, Jamie Fraser, a passionate relationship is sparked that tears Claire’s heart with both two very different men and two incomprehensible lives.

4. Worst Roommate Ever

Scam artists with a violent disposition. Killers with a vengeance. Some of the most horrifying cohabitation stories have been documented in these horrifying true tales.

While renting her room on Craigslist to Jed Creek, Alex Miller had no idea he would use his extensive knowledge of the rental laws to slowly evict her from her own home.

5. The Guardians of Justice

An unlikely group of superheroes is forced to confront their demons after their leader self-destructs.

6. Pieces of Her

Soon after a violent attack shocked the residents of a small town, a woman sets out to piece together her mother’s troubled past.

When a Saturday afternoon shopping trip with her mother turns violent, a lost young woman’s view of her mother is forever altered. While fleeing from her mother’s past figures, she discovers the truth of her mother’s previous identity and childhood secrets.

7. Star Trek: Picard

Jean-Luc Picard has been enjoying the peace and quiet of his vineyard, Chateau Picard, for the past fourteen years since his retirement from Starfleet. Dahj, a mysterious young woman seeking his assistance, reveals herself to have connections to his past, which he soon learns about.

8. Peaky Blinders

Immediately following World War One, Britain is a strange combination of despair and hedonism. In the wake of economic upheaval, fighting for survival is a battle being waged by returning soldiers, newly formed movements, and criminal organizations. Peaky Blinders, a gang led by Thomas Shelby and his family, is one of the most powerful in the era. Though he may be a street rat, Thomas has bigger plans than that. Seeing a chance to advance in the world because crime pays, he decides to steal a crate of guns and use it to his advantage. Inspector Chester Campbell, who hails from Belfast, is tasked to rid the United Kingdom of crime.

9. Upload

After an untimely death, a man can choose his afterlife by uploading his consciousness into a virtual reality world. He begins to wonder about his death as he adjusts to his new surroundings and develops a close relationship with his angel.

10. Young Lady and Gentleman

A father of three children, Lee Young Kook, is a widower. Because of the death of his wife, he still hasn’t come to terms with it. Park Dan Dan becomes a live-in tutor for his children, and he is drawn to her. On the other hand, Park Dan Dan maintains a cheerful demeanor despite her difficult circumstances.

I hope these TV Shows were most-watched last March 2022 according to suits your preference. And if you are all done with these, reading good books may also be encouraged by watching a TV show since some of these shows are based on a book or novels.

When in Mindanao, Have a Visita Iglesia this Lent

Despite being the second-largest island in the Philippines, Mindanao remains commonly referred to as the “Southern Philippines.” Mindanao has many beautiful tourist attractions that enthrall any traveler who enjoys a good adventure. We’ve also been blessed with many beautiful churches inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These churches are the perfect place for soul-searching.

Religious leaders played an essential role in the government of the Philippines during the rule of the Spanish Empire. Since the Spanish government granted the land to religious orders such as the Augustinians, Dominicans, and Recollects, they were heavily involved in the oppression of the Filipino people. Religious education and spiritual well-being were also their responsibility, as were some friars’ efforts to protect their parishioners from exploitation by their orders and secular leaders.

These traditions and orders have shaped us until now. We’ve become the most devoted catholic country in Asia that something we can be proud of.

Visiting Mindanao during the “Visita Iglesia” lenten season can be fun with family and friends. When in Mindanao, compiled a list of Spanish-era churches and new parish churches you might want to visit this Lenten season.

1. San Juan Bautista Church ( Jimenez Church )

The Augustinian Recollects founded Jimenez in 1829, with Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary as its patroness. The present church was built in the 19th century on land previously settled by the Subanons, a local tribe. Father Roque Azcona built the church between 1862 and 1863. The church was completed in the late 1880s.

The church’s architecture is predominantly Baroque with Renaissance touches. Unlike other Roman Catholic churches of the same era, this one lacks a pediment. It has a parapet-topped portico with three semicircular arched entrances. Three pedimented saints’ niches crown the portico’s rectangular mass. The nave wall has a simple gabled roof and windows behind it. A triangular bell tower with pinnacles, a domed roof, and a lantern is to the church’s front. Remains of the clock mechanism

The church’s interiors are among the best preserved in Mindanao. It has an 1898 painting and Tabique Pampango, local drywall made of interwoven slats or branches covered with lime.

2. St. James Parish Church in Dapitan

St. James Parish Church represents Dapitan’s early Christianization. Even after a century, the old Spanish masonry and architecture are still visible. It was built in 1871 to honor Dapitan’s patron saint, St. James the Great.

St. James Parish Church is Dapitan’s second church. The first church was built between 1631 and 1767. The exterior walls are over a meter thick, and the design is unique. The altars and interiors had to be renovated several times due to age. At the choir loft is a priceless heritage pipe organ dating from 1827. Augustinian Recollect Priests brought it to Dapitan in 1864. It has German pipes and a manual pump.

3. Dipolog Cathedral

The cathedral in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, is one of two churches built during the Spanish colonial period. On April 1, 1894, Fr. Eusebio Barredo’s erected the building, and the first mass was celebrated on June 29 of that year. Founded in 1896, Dipolog is a parish in Davao.

The two remaining original side altars, as well as the stunning ceiling, deserve special mention. After Vatican II, the main retablo was removed, but a marble replica was returned in time for the centennial celebration on June 30, 1996. A legend has it that Jose Rizal designed the original retablos. The building’s exterior was repainted in 2009.

4. San Salvador del Mundo Church

The San Salvador del Mundo Church is built of limestone blocks, corals, and wood. The main door of the church bears an inscription with a Christ symbol dating the structure to 1884. Renovated interior since the church’s centennial in 1996. Only the Narra hardwood posts and lateral walls remain intact, as do the dilapidated retablos and old roofing.

The church has several interesting artifacts from the Spanish colonial era. Two centuries-old giant seashells serve as holy water fonts for churchgoers. The baptismal font from the Spanish era is now kept at the Holy Door of San Salvador del Mundo Parish.

An antique statue of San Isidro Labrador, the town’s patron saint, can still be seen on the altar; the centuries-old Baptismal registry is still intact, and several antique parish records and archives are safely kept and preserved inside a cabinet in one of the church’s rooms.

The National Historical Com. of the Philippines declared San Salvador del Mundo Church a national historical site on July 16, 2012. (NHCP).

According to NHCP Executive Director Ludovico Badoy, the church is significant not only for Davao Oriental but for the entire country, as Christianity began in San Salvador del Mundo in the Philippines’ east.

5. Immaculate Conception Parish Church (Jasaan)

The church is a Baroque church in Poblacion, Upper Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. The National Museum declared it a Northern Mindanao Cultural Treasure for its artistic design and cultural values.

The church was a provincial homage to Manila’s famed San Ignacio Church. The original church was built by Francisco Rivera and Juan Cuesta, two Jesuit brothers. The church is currently being repaired and restored under the National Cultural Heritage Act (Cultural Properties Preservation and Protection Act).

From 1723 to 1830, Fr. Ramos Cabas, parish priest in sitio Kabitaugan, barangay Aplaya, built the first church of Jasaan. Its ruins are visible on the low hill near the highway, and a “cotta” or fortification. In 1859, Jasaan became the hub of Manobos evangelical activities in Bukidnon. Missionaries spread out from Jasaan to Malitbog, Siloo, San Luis, Linabo, and Sumilao in Bukidnon. The present Immaculate Conception Church was built in 1887 by Jesuit Father Juan Herras. Jasaan’s parish priest was Father Gregorio Parache, S.J. It aims to imitate Manila’s famous San Ignacio Church.

The Jasaan Church is a Barn Style Baroque with a tri-partite partition. One hundred feet long and 60 feet wide. The brick wall was almost 4 ft thick on all sides. The portal area leads to two semi-arched choir loft openings. The shallow piers that divide the areas into three provide vertical articulation. It is confined to the narrow central facade. Square towers flank the church to the pediment’s apex. Original brick paving, Neo-Gothic retablo, and ceiling woodwork (reminiscent of basketweave).

Renovations have modified the church’s original facade. The church’s original altar has been moved backward to accommodate more worshippers. The original sacristy was sidestepped.

The church has two bell towers with four bells each. A 1854 cast on the largest bell reads “Nuestra Seora de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Jasaan.” It was written on the outside rim of the Immaculate Conception Church bell in Jasaan: “Para El Pueblo de Jasaan 1860”.

6. Rita de Cascia Church

After an encroaching sea destroyed a wooden church near the coast, the Jesuits began the construction of a brick church in 1892 and finished it in 1895 at the current location. In contrast to the wood used in the upper level, bricks are used in the lower level. Three altars and two wooden belfries adorned the sides of the building.

Because Japanese soldiers were stationed there, the guerrillas quickly destroyed the church. It was only the stone building that remained after the war.

7. Sagay Sto Rosario Church (Camiguin)

“Green Church” in Camiguin province is the only one of its kind in our country. This best-known church is located in Sagay’s rustic town of Sto. Rosario.

Sto. Rosario Church is unlike other Spanish colonial church buildings in the Philippines. Its exterior is not striking but has the weathered beauty of most century-old churches. The altar wall is colorful adobe stones, not the traditional wooden retablos.

While Santo Rosario Church lacks the grandeur of a cathedral, entering the church provides a glimpse into its history. The church, built-in 1882 with coral stones, is being strengthened. We used steel bars and modern construction techniques.

Green Church is another name for Sto. Rosario Church. A church’s creative and eco-friendly designers can be seen in its materials. First impressions of the church include:

  • Driftwood chandeliers
  • Sawali (woven bamboo skin) walls
  • Garden plants at the entrance
  • Bamboo sections
  • Other local materials

8. Monastery of the Transfiguration

Monastery of Transfiguration is one of the best examples of sacred and holy places in Bukidnon. With its serene setting, beautiful ambiance, and ability to serve as a place of contemplation, the City’s Monastery of Transfiguration will never captivate those who visit. Barangay San Jose in Malaybalay is home to the Monastery of Transfiguration, only a 15-minute drive from the city. The first Filipino Abbot, Fr. Eduardo Africa, and former Malaybalay bishop Gaudencio Rosales inaugurated the Church on August 6, 1983. National Architect Leandro Locsin designed the Transfiguration church.

9. Joseph Cathedral in Butuan City

The old St. Joseph Cathedral is one of the best churches to visit during your Visita Iglesia in Agusan Del Norte. As Mindanao’s first church, this cathedral has carried the city’s rich cultural heritage. One of the most notable events in this church was the first Easter Mass in the country. It was presided over by Friar Pedro Valderrama and Ferdinand Magellan’s men. Aside from its rich history, you’ll be amazed at how parishioners have maintained the St. Joseph Cathedral’s beauty over time. This cathedral is unquestionably one of the top seven churches in Agusan Del Norte to see during your Visita Iglesia.

10. St. James the Great Parish Church

Visit St. James the Great Parish Church in Agusan Del Norte for a spectacular view of Visita Iglesia. This Church in Buenavista was inspired by the town’s patron saint, Saint James the Great. It is surrounded by fertile land and crystal-clear waters. You’ll be more inspired to celebrate Holy Week and Visita Iglesia in Agusan Del Norte if you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery.

11. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church

Visit Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church in Agusan Del Norte for a rustic yet breathtaking Holy Week and Visita Iglesia. This church was built in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, patroness of the Carmelites. It has designs that depict love and purity, as the Virgin Mary is a model of virtue. You’ll feel closer to Christ and the person closest to Him at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church. As a result, this church is one of the best in Agusan Del Norte.

12. Our Lady of Presentation Parish Church

The best Church in Agusan del Norte is Our Lady of Presentation Parish, which honors Mary as the Lady of the Candle. Devotees light candles as a sign of thanksgiving and sending wishes to heaven. During Holy Week and Visita Iglesia in Agusan Del Norte, you will notice the many candles inside the Our Lady of Presentation Parish Church. One can also expect to see the church magnificently illuminated as hundreds of devotees gather to pray with a candle to the Holy Mother of God. These make Our Lady of Presentation Parish one of Agusan del Norte’s seven must-see churches.

13. St. Anne Parish

St. Anne Parish in Agusan Del Norte allows you to commune with the Blessed Sacrament while admiring the natural beauty. It is one of the best in Agusan Del Norte and a naturalist’s dream. With nearby sandy beaches and hidden caves, you can appreciate God’s gift to us in the form of nature. Don’t forget to thank God in prayer while visiting St. Anne Parish.

14. St. Joseph the Worker Parish

St. Joseph, the Worker Parish, has a lovely marble church that is surrounded by trees. It was one of the first churches in Davao to renovate its main structure to include air conditioning. In recent years, the church has been transformed into a work of art. This could be a nod to its patron, St. Joseph, who was a carpenter himself.

15. Carmelite Monastery

Among Davao’s religious institutions, this is the only one that is not part of a parish. The small church and convent are both run by Discalced Carmelite Nuns. Despite its simple design, the Carmelite Monastery’s Church has a choir loft in the narthex and an ornate altar. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mary, and Saint Therese is depicted in gardens outside.

16. Redemptorist Church Davao City

The Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in Davao is one of the city’s most popular churches. Aside from the fact that it’s a short jeepney ride from most points in the city, it could also be because a lot of people in the city are devotees of its church’s patron saint. The Blessed Sacrament is kept in a small chapel in the back.

17. Sta. Ana Cathedral Davao City

Davao’s oldest church, the Sta. Ana Cathedral is located in the city’s historic district. The church has recently undergone a renovation. They installed air conditioning in St. Joseph’s Church in a bid to boost attendance. The long aisle, unique floor patterns, and vintage chandeliers in the Sta. Ana Cathedral makes it a favorite among brides.

18. San Pedro Cathedral Davao city

Stone church San Pedro Cathedral is shaped like a gigantic ship. Intricately adorned with gold-plated statues of saints, the altar evokes the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino de Cebu in Cebu City’s Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino de Cebu. On Sundays, San Pedro Cathedral in Davao City is the busiest church in the city, with services taking place at all hours from dawn until dusk.

With many historical churches in Mindanao, you and your family have a lot of option on where to spend this Lenten Season.

When in Mindanao, Reflect at the Monastery of the Transfiguration

The Monastery of the Transfiguration in Bukidnon is one of the Philippines’ most visited religious communities. It is situated on a hill in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. It is undoubtedly the most visited architectural structure in the entire Province of Bukidnon. A trip to Bukidnon wouldn’t be complete without stopping by this revered site.

One can find peace, guidance, and meditation at the Monastery of Transfiguration. While praying and giving thanks, it is a place to enjoy one’s abundance and closeness to nature. It’s also a perfect destination to take a picture of Mt. Kitanglad from here.

The monks of the Benedictine lives in a monastery. Every day, they offer prayers for the salvation of everyone.

Malaybalay City’s Benedictine Monastery of Transfiguration, is a serene retreat for prayer and meditation. A choir of Benedictine monks can be heard chanting and praying on occasion. Even if you don’t plan on spending the night, you can interact in a guided or silent retreat at the Monastery.

The Monastery of the Transfiguration is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s an ideal location for quiet contemplation and personal renewal. With its serene atmosphere, the Monastery of Transfiguration is a great place to escape the clamor of the city and take time to reflect and have profound and meaningful retreats.

The pyramid was designed by national artist Leandro Locsin and dubbed a “Magnum Opus,” a Latin term meaning “Great Work.” The Monastery is one of the most famous and last works of Negrense architect Leandro Locsin (1928-1994).

Any of the inviting glass doors/walls can be used to enter the church building’s iconic roof. The pyramid’s apex is where the top, slanting ceiling ends.

The church’s interior is both simple and intriguing. The pulpit is made of carved, polished wood, and the altar is made of a massive boulder. The Monastery attracts many visitors from all over the world to see a black and gold Madonna and Child that is said to have miraculous powers. An Egyptian artist created the image.

An adjacent museum exhibits Fr. Dom Martin Gomez’s collection of monks’ sacramental vestments, which he designed in the 1970s and later became a monk. Traditional Philippine fibers abaca and pia were used in various designs, many inspired by the country’s traditional and indigenous styles.

The original abbey was built in 1983, but the new church was not finished until 1996, when the new building was dedicated. The altar is a volcanic boulder that was found nearby. Another national artist created the massive metal cross in the center.

Many visitors to the Transfiguration Church mistakenly believe that the pyramid inspired Locsin’s church because of its dominant pointed roof of black shingles. However, his true inspiration was the Bahay Kubo, a traditional Filipino house made of bamboo and nipa (dried palm leaves).

The Transfiguration Monastery is a dream destination of peace, guidance, and prayer. It’s where one can pray and thank God while enjoying nature’s bounty. A beautiful view of Bukidnon’s mountains, including Mount Kitanglad, and the massive rice fields can be seen from the Monastery. Around this beautiful spiritual environment, Benedictine Monks live and show compassion for the souls of all people everywhere.

Visits to the Monastery of the Transfiguration have been made due to its religious structures, including a Retreat House that has hosted famous public officials and other influential people. It is known as the “Monk’s Blend.” The Benedictine Monks grow and process their coffee. A gift shop sells foodstuffs and religious items.

Overnight stay at the Monastery

While most visitors only stop by for a few minutes, those looking for a more in-depth experience are welcome to stay in the guest house overnight. You can sit back and relax in peaceful surroundings or simply get away from it.

There are 15 rooms in the guesthouse, with single beds and basic furniture. Staying overnight, having three meals, and possibly meeting the monks are all included in the price of P900 or P1,000 per person. For those who plan to attend the Second Sunday Mass at 8 AM, staying overnight is the best option.

How to Get There

When you arrived in Malaybalay City, take a multicab going to San Jose. It is about 5 kilometers away from Malaybalay’s city proper to Monastery of the Transfiguration. Next is take a habal-habal (motorcycle) to get there and you can negotiate the habal-habal driver regarding the fare and if you want him to wait for you until you’re done with your visit.

When in Mindanao Visita Iglesia

Lenten season Catholics Visita Iglesia, a yearly ritual during which they visit their churches. At least seven churches must be visited on Maundy Thursday, one of the most popular holy week vows.

Visiting the local church, basilica, or cathedral is something we’ve done whenever we’ve traveled. Our zone of peace is reflected in these structures, and we learn more about the place and its history because the cultural background tends to be reflected in these structures.

Religious people never lose faith in God, no matter what. Even if all else fails, never lose faith in God and His infinite wisdom. Even if we find ourselves in the most difficult situations, there is always a silver lining. We can count on the blessings of God to be with us at all times.

A great source of motivation is found in the words of others’ prayers and spiritual teachings. When all else fails, a person’s faith in God can give them the strength to press on. These spiritually uplifting messages are meant to inspire you to persevere in the face of adversity. Don’t forget to share this with those you care about who are going through a difficult time.

When in Mindanao, Eat These Must-try Foods in Pagadian City

Pagadian started as a rest station for traders traveling between the old Spanish fort-town of Zamboanga on the southern tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula and other larger towns in the old Zamboanga Province to the north. Despite its sheltered bay and abundant fishing grounds, it was not a suitable site because it is situated on sharply sloping terrain. Throughout its history, waves of different types of people have settled in the area, eventually becoming a group known as “Pagadianons.”


As the locals say, “If you haven’t been to Greenhouse, you haven’t been to Pagadian!” They offer a variety of dishes for kinds of seafood like tilapia, tuna, shells, squid, prawns, and shrimp.

When in Mindanao recommends that you try Kinilaw for Tilapia, Sizzling Shells, Sinuglaw for Tuna, Camaron Rebosado, Crispy Squid Flower, and Tinolang Sugpo!

They also have another set menu for chicken, native chicken, beef, pork, soup, and vegetables. You can also quench your thirst with their offers of tea, milk tea, lemonade, and more!

Say no more! Desserts are also delicious! From fruit popsicles, choco banana, and even milk tea popsicles are here, too!

The restaurant’s personnel and owner were friendly and accommodating, and it provided the much-needed peaceful and relaxed mood. It’s a no-frills eatery with all the necessities. They also go beyond their services to have a golf cart to take you from the parking lot since it was a little muddy on your way to the restaurant.

Adhering to the new normal, the tables have sufficient distance in between, making the customers feel safe.

It is located at Brgy. Dumagok, Pagadian City, Mindanao.


This restaurant is attractive since it has a Pinoy fiesta motif. Their meal is incredibly excellent, delectable, and inexpensive. I adore their binakol; it’s delicious! An acoustic band entertains customers in the evenings. When on a Pagadian City trip, try to dine the best and yummiest chicken BBQ and mouth-watering liempo; try it at Pinoy Grill Manok and Liempo Hauz!

Pinoy Grill Manok and Liempo Hauz is located at Lawiswis Drive, Rizal Avenue, Pagadian City, Mindanao, Philippines.


It would be best to try their specialty, “Grilled Buntot sa Bariles.” It was great. If you are in for a live band performing, it is also a go place.

Jepoy’s Grill is located at Ariosa St., San Francisco District, Pagadian City, Mindanao, just across Hotel Camila and a 2-minute walk to Gaisano Mall and C3 Mall.


It is said to be the ultimate dining destination in Zamboanga del Sur! Rodolfo’s Cuisine offers classic Filipino favorites like chicken barbeque, crispy pata, pochero, and more! Rice all you can and be full with these delicious dishes!


Are you up for good food and an instagrammable nature? Kan-anan sa Balsa is the place to be! It is a farm-to-plate concept restaurant with a relaxing ambiance. The restaurant is committed to uniting fresh, locally grown produce with farm-raised and wild-caught seafood to make the freshest dishes for their customers.

A roadside coconut nursery has been transformed into an Agri-Tourism site along the national highway connecting Pagadian City and Zamboanga City.

Sayao Farms is owned by farmer Rey Quisumbing, an agriculture graduate from UP Los Baños. It offers a one-of-a-kind encounter with their Kan-anan sa Balsa, bamboo rowboats with nipa huts in which they serve soft-shell crabs and, of course, young coconut.

The bamboo rafts are moored by a large artificial lagoon where Rey raises Kois, Tilapia, and Hito, which rush towards the rafts to be fed as soon as they see people.

Kumalarang is known as the Philippines’ Crab Capital, and Rey sells frozen soft-shell crabs for P500 per kilo.

Sweetwater Coconut is the coconut variety that Rey offers his customers. It was developed in Thailand and is now propagated by a small subset of farmers in the Philippines.

This variety, along with the Buko Pandan variety, is the current frenzy among coconut farmers because it provides a higher income than ordinary coconut used for copra production.

A fresh Buko Pandan, for example, sells for P30 per piece in Mataling, Malabang, Lanao del Sur, which is more expensive than one kilo of copra, which requires about four pieces to produce with such high labor costs.

Buko Pandan seedlings sell for P300 per piece if you can find them.

Sweetwater Coconut seedlings by Rey Quisumbing sell for P250 per piece and come with on-site guidelines on how to appropriately plant the seedlings.

So, if you are planning to travel the Pagadian City to Zamboanga City Highway, a 270-kilometer stretch that passes through Zamboanga Sibugay, you could stop by Sayao Farms.


This open-air restaurant has fresh seafood that you can choose from tubs. Yammy’s Seafood Grill offers crab, squid, large prawns, shrimp, and several kinds of fish. The seafood they offer will be cooked according to your request.

Aside from seafood, they also offer a variety of good soup for a group’s serving and other different menus for chicken and pork.


Indeed, one of the city’s cutest eateries! The perfect place for a brunch, good coffee, and sweet pastries that make your days feel bright, especially when you feel gloomy. They also offer special packages and lovely events on different occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

The place is tidy and well-organized. You can also enjoy a variety of books for customers to read, a swing in the corner that is ideal for bookworms. But if you are in a work mode, the internet connectivity is also good, and it matches the excellent food and coffee. It’s also quiet, so if you’re looking for a place to read a book, do research, or relax, this is the place to go.

Visit them at Trace Arcade, F.S. Pajares Avenue, Pagadian City.


Sikwate House is a fast-casual Resto that serves signature healthy food with no adulteration, just all-natural! With an All Pinoy Meals and delicacies with their specialty hot chocolate or Sikwate, you can indeed feel their theme, “Feel your native taste!”

When you visit this place, it has a distinct ambiance, similar to a bahay kubo vibe. There are many other kakanin, such as suman, biko, puto leche,and more food that matches the sikwate drink. Plus points to their advocacy of promoting organic food.

So, what are you waiting for? Order lamiang pinoy best-tasting meals! Gikan rani sa atong kaugalingon nga farm, so the food is clean, naturally grown, and loaded with nutrients because they do not use chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

And as a way to address the new normal, they also installed Air Purifier HEPA Filters in the indoor dining to make you safe.

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When in Mindanao Find the Best Churches for Visita Iglesia in Agusan Del Norte

During Agusan Del Norte’s Holy Week and Visita Iglesia, visitors can reflect on Christ’s Passion and breathtaking at the province’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. Agusan Del Norte is the ideal travel destination for Catholics and history buffs, and culture vultures because of its abundance of history, art, practices, and natural resources. Aside from its natural beauty, it is mainly known for its historical relics.

When in Mindanao, find the best churches in Agusan Del Norte! The essence of a Holy Week and Visita Iglesia is to see some of the country’s most historic churches. It is possible to become one with the Blessed Sacrament if you are a devout Catholic. In addition, it will help you stay connected to your Filipino heritage. Agusan Del Norte has some of the best churches in Mindanao. Here are the top seven churches in Agusan del Norte for Holy Week and Visita Iglesia.

This year’s Lenten message comes from Cebu Archbishop Jose S. Palma, who offers some suggestions for personal and synodal reflection, repentance, and renewal as we journey through this season of Lent together.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Kitcharao in Agusan Del Norte

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Agusan Del Norte’s northernmost town is one of the best churches for a Visita Iglesia in Agusan Del Norte. Most of the land surrounding this church is used for farming, but there are a few open spaces. You will appreciate the sacrifices Jesus Christ made and the farming communities of Agusan Del Norte more if you visit the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.

Our Lady of Presentation Parish Church in Cabadbaran in Agusan Del Norte

One of Agusan Del Norte’s finest churches, Our Lady of Presentation Parish, honors the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Lady of the Candle. People light candles as a way of thanking God and sending their best wishes to Heaven. On your Holy Week and Visita Iglesia in Agusan Del Norte, you will notice the many candles in the Our Lady of Presentation Parish Church. As a bonus, you’ll be able to witness the church’s magnificent illumination as hundreds of devotees gather to pray to the Holy Mother of God. If you’re in Agusan Del Norte, make sure to stop by Our Lady of Presentation Parish.

If you happen to visit this church, light a candle and take a wish. Reflect on what your heart truly desire and say it through a solemn prayer.

Saint Anne Parish Church in Tubay

You can commune with the Blessed Sacrament and the natural world at St. Anne Parish in Agusan Del Norte while on your Visita Iglesia. As one of the best churches, this one is ideally situated for nature-loving pilgrims in the picturesque town of Tubay. If you’re looking for a place scene you can appreciate the beauty of the world around you, look no further. Pray while visiting St. Anne Parish, and remember to thank God for his blessings!

St. Joseph Cathedral in Butuan City

St. Joseph Cathedral in Agusan Del Norte is one of the greatest churches to visit during your Visita Iglesia in Butuan City and one of the most important churches in the Catholic Diocese of Butuan. For more than a generation, the cathedral has served as a keeper of the city’s storied cultural heritage. In this church, one of the most significant events occurred: the country’s first Easter Mass. It was presided over by none other than Magellan and his crew, Friar Pedro Valderrama. You’ll be amazed at how parishioners have managed to keep the St. Joseph Cathedral’s beauty as if it were completely new over the years. This cathedral is a must-see on your pilgrimage to the churches during Visita Iglesia.

St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church, Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte

St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church in Nasipit is a must-see during your Agusan Del Norte Visita Iglesia. This historic church is a must-see for visitors to Nasipit, as it sits directly across the street from Saint Michael College of Caraga. It was founded by Dominican priests in the 1960s. The church was then renovated and redeveloped in its new image to protect it from the wear and tear of time. One of Agusan Del Norte’s best churches for celebrating Holy Week and the Visita Iglesia is St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church, which has been infused with modern design.

The Dominican priests who served in the church during the 1960s built this landmark in the town’s center. The church has undergone a major renovation and improvement in recent years. The altar of the church was recently built in accordance with the church’s new image. Many changes occurred after the appointment of Rev. Fr. Gaby Avelino as Parish Priest. One of these changes is the altar’s new look.

James the Great Parish Church, Buenavista, Agusan Del Norte

If you’re ever in Agusan Del Norte, make a point to stop by St. James the Great Parish Church, which offers sweeping views of Visita Iglesia. Buenavista’s patron saint St. James the Great, inspired the design of this church, which is located in the city center. It’s surrounded by lush greenery and pristine water, making it an ideal spot for farming. In Agusan Del Norte, you’ll be inspired to celebrate Holy Week and the Visita Iglesia because of the beautiful scenery surrounding St. James the Great Parish Church.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church, Carmen Agusan Del Norte

Visit the Parish Church (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) in Agusan Del Norte during Holy Week and Visita Iglesia for a rustic yet breathtaking experience of the local faith tradition. The Carmelite Order’s patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was honored with a church in the Carmen Municipality. Symbols of love and purity are depicted because the Virgin Mary is considered to be a model of virtue. As a result, you will feel closer to Christ and those who are closest to Him.

If you completed visiting seven churches during Holy Week, Filipinos believe that your wish will be granted. What’s your wish? Let us know in the comments section.