When in Mindanao, Your Guide to Cagayan de Oro City

Cagayan de Oro, famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, is an economic hub in Mindanao. It has been at the center of economic growth in Northern Mindanao due to the increasing trade and commerce sectors. The steady economic prosperity has attracted investors who want to purchase real estate with higher appraisals.

Although it is the independent capital of the province of Misamis Oriental, this highly urbanized, world-class city in Northern Mindanao is run by the provincial government.

It connects the municipalities of Opol to the west, Tagoloan to the east, and the provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte to the south of the city, which is located along Mindanao’s north-central coast facing Macajalar Bay. With a population of 728,402 as of the 2020 census, Cagayan de Oro will rank as the tenth-largest city in the nation.

The word “Cagayan” is derived from several words, including “ag,” a Malayo-Polynesian word that means “water,” “Kagay,” which means “river,” and “Kagayan,” which refers to “a region with a river.” The Spanish fortified the region after it was formed as a mission post in the 17th century, and “De Oro” is derived from the Spanish word “golden.”

Cagayan de Oro received official city status in 1950 and has since developed into the transportation and economic center of northern Mindanao. After the Ministry of Local Government’s proclamation on November 22, 1983, it subsequently developed into a highly urbanized metropolis.

488.86 square kilometers, or 13.9% of Misamis Oriental’s total land area, make up its total land area. It has a harbor, Macajalar Bay, and a 25-kilometer beachfront. 44.7 percent of Cagayan de Oro is made up of agricultural land, while 38.4 percent is made up of open space.

The area is separated into two districts: the 1st District (west of the Cagayan River), which has 24 barangays, most of which are suburbs, and the 2nd District (east of the river), which has 17 barangays, comprising the city proper barangays with a population of 1 to 40.

Also, Cagayan de Oro is regarded as the regional, commercial, and logistical center of Northern Mindanao. The city’s main economic activities are industry, service, trade, business, and tourism. Department of Trade and Industry also recognized that the city was among the Top 5 Most Competitive Cities in the nation in the category of highly urbanized cities in 2018.

A thriving financial sector exists in CDO. The area houses a branch of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, which serves Northern Mindanao’s regional economic hub. As of December 2019, the city is home to at least 143 operational banks.

In Cagayan de Oro, cooperatives are significant sources of employment, financial stability, and economic growth. The Cooperative Development Authority extension office offers online application processing in addition to regulatory and technical consulting services. The following are a few of the cooperatives in Cagayan de Oro:

  • ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative
  • Oro Savings & Sharing Cooperative
  • CFI Community CooperativeCooperative Bank of Misamis Oriental
  • MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center
  • Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperatives Mindanao League
  • Oro Integrated Cooperative
  • Coop-Life Mutual Benefit Services
  • First Community Cooperative
  • Asian Business Cabletow Cooperative Academy (ABCCA)

Numerous international corporations with substantial economic impact are based in Cagayan De Oro. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a booming industry in Cagayan de Oro as a result of the abundance of people resources and the accessibility of world-class medical, research, educational, and telecommunication facilities. Over time, as the number of BPO companies in the city increased, new contact center-specific buildings and zones appeared; all of these developments were registered with PEZA.

Several different types of infrastructure sustain the city of Cagayan de Oro, including:



  • Manila Broadcasting Company or DZRH Nationwide 972
  • Philippine Broadcasting Service or DXIM Radyo Pilipinas 936
  • Radio Mindanao Network or DXCC RMN 828
  • Radio Corporation of the Philippines or DXCO Radyo Pilipino 1044


  • DCG Radio-TV Network or 91.1 Strong Radio
  • Bombo Radyo Philippines or 90.3 Star FM
  • FM UM Broadcasting Network or 94.3 Wild
  • Aliw Broadcasting Corporation or 93.5 Home Radio
  • UM Broadcasting Network or 94.3 Wild FM

TV Stations

  • GMA Cagayan de Oro Channel 35
  • TV5 Channel 21
  • Channel 25 Hope Channel Philippines Cagayan de Oro
  • BEAM TV Cagayan de Oro Channel 33


Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD), the first water district established in the nation, offers water services in Cagayan. The Bulk Water Supply draws treated water from the Cagayan de Oro River, the city’s primary water source, and has a production capacity of 198,262 cubic meters per day.

The majority of the city’s electricity is provided by Misamis Oriental 1st Rural Electric Service Cooperative and Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company.

Transportation Networks

One of the largest and most significant facilities in the city is the CDO Coastal Road. Construction on it began in 2010 but was put on hold due to right-of-way concerns. The project would extend the highway 9.30 kilometers from Barangay Puerto in Opol Misamis Oriental to Barangay Gusa, CDO, and was proposed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in 2021. Private ports are crossed by the entire route of the road, improving commodities transit.

The CDO – Mountain Diversion Road is another crucial piece of local road infrastructure. From Pueblo de Oro Road, popularly known as the CDO Airport Road, to the western side of Misamis Oriental, the four-lane roadway extends 35.89 kilometers. It provides service to many barangays, including Laguindingan, Opol, El Salvador, and Alubijid.

There are many natural and man-made attractions in Cagayan that draw visitors to the province year-round. The city has you covered whether you’re looking for an exciting instructional tour, a relaxing staycation, or an adventurous trip.

You can engage in the following activities in CDO:

  1. Paragliding at Hugo Sky Lounge
  2. Unwind in The Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village
  3. Fun outing with family and friends at Mapawa Nature Park
  4. Try the newest additions to CDO’s attractions at Larry’s Hill Adventure Hub.
  5. Enjoy water activities at The Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort.
  6. Have an exhilarating trip by trying white water rafting.

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