When in Mindanao, Know What and Where to Eat in Butuan City

Butuanon offers a wide variety of native foods and delicious flavors. There’s nothing quite like the experience of eating the original dish in the nation where it was created. We’ve compiled a list of must-eats in Butuan to assist you in navigating the city’s traditional food and restaurants. And if you’re a food enthusiast, we’ve compiled a list of the most incredible places to eat like a local.

Delicacies from the Butuanon People

Filipinos are known for their voracious appetites, eating delicious food a day and snacks in between; some of the Kakanin or native sweets available in marketplaces are reserved exclusively for special occasions.

When in Mindanao, try these native Butuanon treats, known as Kakanin.

1. Nilusak/ Nilupak

In Butuanon, nilupak consists of cassava or balanghoy. Grated coconut and margarine are added to the mashed cassava, then shaped into little balls. Grated coconut was placed on top of the cassava balls. The Nilusak is creamy and smooth, with a sweet and savory flavor.

2. Nilambiran

A dark reddish-brown hue like chocolate and white glutinous rice is used to make Nilambiran, a Suman-like dessert. Two kinds of rice flour are then cooked separately and wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed together. Native hot chocolate is the most delicate accompaniment for this dish.

3. Pao

Root vegetable known as Pao, which is comparable to Kamote or yam, is served with latik or coconut jam.

4. Tumpi

Sago is used to making this dark, flat cake, which resembles Calamay.

5. Palagising

“Palagsing” is a traditional delicacy in Banza, one of Butuan City’s oldest neighborhoods. The abundance of Lumbiya in Banza is a significant factor in the popularity of Palagsing in Banza.

The palm tree produces Lumbiya starch. Young coconut meat is also a common element. It is the combination of Unaw, young coconut, and brown sugar that lends Palagsing its moistness and chewiness. Palagsing’s silky texture is achieved by gently boiling the ingredients in banana leaves for a full 30 minutes.

Kakanin is offered at the rear entrance of the local market, where most of these delights can be purchased. Go early on Sunday mornings when the Kakanins have just been created to get the freshest and most varied selection. However, some of the best Kakanin is prepared by older Butuanons who have honed their techniques. Butuanon dishes, while comparable to those from other parts of the Philippines, have a unique touch that has become ingrained in the history and culture of Butuan.

Food Stop at Butuan City

Joaquin’s Gemelli Pizza Bar

You can dine on authentic brick-oven pizzas and traditional pasta dishes prepared by Joaquin’s Gemelli Pizza Bar. In addition to a wide variety of Italian delicacies and a welcoming atmosphere, these establishments offer many photo opportunities and an exciting sense of well-being.

Gold ‘n Pearl Bakery Cafe

They quickly transformed from a small Pinoy bakery into the town’s most popular coffee shop. They’ve been known for their offerings more than bread, such as exquisite pastries and specialty coffees. Gold ‘n Pearl Bakery Cafe has amazingly transformed the bakery business in the city.

Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora

Butuan City’s most popular dining spot, the native cuisine Lutong Bahay Ni Aling Cora, is known for its home-cooked Filipino fare. Mrs. Corazon Uy Yu was its owner and manager.

Aling Cora was founded in the 1980s. They offer a wide variety of cuisines, including real Filipino dishes. The menu at this family-owned restaurant has been modified frequently over the years, and it always keeps its menu up to date with the latest trends.

Narra Restaurant

When it comes to the Butuan family eating, no one beats Narra Restaurant. Many Butuanons must have tried their garlic chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Pansit Bihon at this long-standing eatery in the city. There are two locations of this restaurant in the city. Located in the center of Butuan, this restaurant is a must-stop on any trip.

The Caraga’s regional capital City of Butuan, is also known as “The Balangays’ Home.” You can enjoy the finest of both worlds here. Its natural and artificial tourism attractions are becoming a progressive region while successfully sustaining its culture, traditions, and history. To help the city grow, Lumina sees an opportunity in delivering high-quality and affordable rowhouses, townhouses, and single-firewall units.

10-hectare property development Lumina Butuan has amenities and facilities such as a basketball court, community hall, mini-gardens, and security and perimeter fencing.

The Aimee Rowhouse and the Anna Rowhouse are just two affordable rowhouse models sold out from Lumina Butuan right now. Their Angeli Townhouse home selling model unit also provides low-cost townhouses. They also have a two-story Angeli Duplex that contains three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen area, a parking space, and a service area for those who require more space. Angeli Single Firewall is for sale to families with larger than average sizes.

Lumina Butuan’s rent-to-own homes come with various community amenities, including a covered court and a multipurpose hall. This is a multipurpose amenity that may be used by the whole family or by the local Kabarangays to enjoy their favorite sports. It’s a perfect place to host family reunions, birthday parties, and other special occasions. There’s no need to worry about bad weather when hosting an event here.

This isn’t the only amenity you’ll find in Lumina Butuan; there’s also a playground for your children to play in. To ensure your protection at all times, the Lumina Butuan community has a secured entry and a surrounding fence. In the evenings, residents can sleep soundly, secure knowing that no one from the outside world can readily intrude on their quiet neighborhood.

How Do I Get to Lumina Butuan via Public Transportation?

Ride a Route 8 Multicab to Los Angeles from Guingona Park. To get to the Lumina site, cross Magsaysay Bridge (beside Pepsi Plant)

If you’re taking a bus, depart from Langihan Terminal and get off at the Lumina Site stop in Surigao City (beside Pepsi Plant).

The Lumina Butuan is located in the city of Butuan.

Simply follow JC Aquino’s, Stop at Lumina Site after crossing Magsaysay Bridge (beside Pepsi Plant)

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